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FAQ & Answers

Frequently Asked Questions:

My child seems to run out of money in their lunch account sooner than I expect, why are they charged more for a la carte items than if they get the standard hot meal?
We receive federal funding for the school lunch program, and to ensure that children select healthy meals, the Federal Government requires that students select foods according to our menu plan. If a child does not select a reimbursable meal the school district does not receive funding for any portion of the meal. In this case, students are charged a la carte prices for items selected. Consequently, they could actually pay more for less food.

Why can't teachers tell my elementary child what to select at lunch?
This again relates to federal guidelines and federal funding. Because we offer a choice of meal components, the student must independently select a reimbursable meal. We can offer, but not serve, so that is why we have to ask faculty not to add additional items to student trays. We cannot make changes that seem like we are forcing students to take full meals to increase our federal funding. In summary, teachers may suggest not tell or force students to take items offered.

Why are snack items offered?
We survey parents and students to see what they want us to serve, and we only serve snacks that meet the nutritional guidelines set by the federal government. Many parents want their children to be able to purchase a snack to eat after school, etc. Parents who wish to limit their child's spending must complete an Account Restrictions form (each year) and return the form to your student's cafeteria manager or to the Child Nutrition Programs District Office at PO Box 308, Hondo, Texas 78861.  Example of limits are: $2.65/day, one (1) snack per day, or meals only/no extras, milk only, no charging, must pay cash for a la carte purchases. Snack sale revenue is used to update kitchen equipment, assist with maintenance cost, and various other kitchen upgrades.

I keep receiving notifications about my child's low lunch balance. How do I opt out of this notification?

In an effort for every child to have the meal of their choice, the Child Nutrition department utilizes the low balance and negative balance systems to send emails to households that have student with a lunch balance below $3.00. The best way to avoid low and negative balance alerts is to sign up for automatic payments at https://www.myschoolbucks.com. The service is free to sign up for  and will allow you to check your child/ren transaction history, setup low balance alerts at an amount of your choosing plus allows you to make online deposits into their accounts for a transaction fee of $1.95. If you deposit $50.00 into one account that student will earn a bonus meal effectively negating the service fee, depositing into multiple accounts at one time is one transaction.

How can I find out what my student is eating at school?
You may see your child's transactions by creating a MyScoolBucks account and selecting the History tab. You may also contact your campus cafeteria manager for a printout to be sent by email

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