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Student Cafeteria Meal Charges
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Account Restriction Form

It is the responsibility of the parents to make sure that your student/s have access to the healthy, nutritious meals daily; either those being offered  through HISD Food & Nutrition Services or with a meal from home.

All meals SHOULD be prepaid or paid with cash at time of purchase.  Prepaid accounts work like a debit card. Meal accounts are maintained by Child Nutrition staff using a computer POS system. When a purchase is made using the student's ID number, the amount is deducted from that student's account.

Proper notification will be given to a student verbally by the cashier or weekly by a "Low Balance" email to the parent if you have an email address on file with the district and Food & Nutrition Services Department. Low balance alerts can also be setup for your student by setting up an account on https://www.MySchoolBucks.com.


Notification of negative accounts are sent home weekly with the students. Emails are sent to parents who have an email address on file with the district and Food & Nutrition Services Department on a weekly basis for negative and low balance accounts. We permit charges during the majority of the school year because we know that eating right, education, and exercise are our student's road to success for a healthy lifestyle. The district and Food & Nutrition Services Department acknowledges the link between education, attendance, behavior and healthy lifestyle choices. 

District Charge Policy is:

Students from grades PK- 8th grade will receive one FREE breakfast and one FREE lunch meal daily. Al-A-Carte items are not permitted to be charged.

Students in grade 9 will be permitted to charge 3 meals. After the 3rd day of charged meals it is the Parents responsibility to make sure that your student has a meal.

Students from grades 10-12 will be permitted to charge 1 meal. Once a student has charged 1 day it is the Parents responsibility to make sure that your student has access to a meal.

The district alternate meal policy will be strictly enforced. Every effort will be made to contact a parent before an alternate meal is offered.

Negative balances must be paid off by May 24, 2018.  

If you have any questions or concerns regarding your child/ren account please contact the Food & Nutrition Services Manager at the campus. 

Once your students account is in the negative, A-La-Carte purchases will be prohibited. When the account is brought current and extra funds are available on the account or the student has cash money A-La- Carte, purchasing may resume. The A-La-Carte policy will be strictly enforced.

To restrict your students account please fill out and turn in an Account Restrictions Form. The form is available to download online or may be requested from any of the Food & Nutrition Services Managers at the campuses. The form must be resubmitted at the start of each school year.

We urge you to take advantage of our prepayment plan. Money put on account may be used at any time. You may send cash, check or money order to the campus or pay online at https://www.myschoolbucks.com. You will need to know your child's student id number for online payments.

If you are sending money with your child, we strongly encourage payment by check as the most secure way to transport payment between home and school. Checks and money orders should be made payable to Hondo ISD Food & Nutrition Services. You may send one check for multiple students at multiple campuses.

Your help and cooperation in this matter is greatly appreciated.

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