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My School Bucks OnLine Payment System

We have upgraded our online payment system to my SchoolBucks. 

For existing myNutrikids users there is no need to create a new username and password. Please log into mySchoolBucks using your username and password from MyNutrikids. Your students and their account information is linked to that account.

Click on the link below to be redirected to mySchoolBucks.




Call 855-832-5226 for automated instructions or to speak to a myschoolbucks customer service representative.

Why are you changing to mySchoolBucks?
This change allows greater capabilities for users including:
• Scheduled recurring payments
• Automatic deposits when your child’s account balance runs low
• Extended purchase history for the past 90 days
• Low balance email notifications
• E-wallet to save credit card information for future use
• Mobile-friendly website

While MyNutrikids payments were processed through our third party vendor PayPal, mySchoolBucks is a single vendor that owns and operates the entire solution.
Additionally, mySchoolBucks has a web store option that your district may choose to utilize.

What is the web address for mySchoolBucks?

Is my login username and password still the same for mySchoolBucks?
Yes, once the transition is complete, your existing MyNutrikids.com username and password will remain the same when logging into the mySchoolbucks website.

If I have an existing MyNutrikids account, are my children still associated with my mySchoolBucks account?
Yes. If you currently have an existing MyNutrikids.com account, your children will still be associated with your account after the transition to mySchoolBucks.

What payment methods does mySchoolBucks accept?
With mySchoolBucks you can make a payment using your Visa, MasterCard, and Discover credit card or debit card. You may also make payment using an e-check payment directly from your bank account.

Is mySchoolBucks secure?
Yes. The mySchoolBucks website is owned and operated by Heartland Payment Systems, which is one of the largest and most trusted payment processors in the country. The system is fully compliant with all security regulations and card industry requirements. MySchoolBucks has achieved and maintains the highest security certifications in the industry, and all transactions are secured by 128-bit encryption and other security measures. Things to know about mySchoolBucks:

·         The convenience fee per transaction will change to $1.95.

·         mySchoolBucks has the following payment methods available for use:

o   Visa®

o   Mastercard®

o   Discover®

o   Electronic Check

·         Parents may fund up to $120 per student, but a family may pay for all of their students on a single transaction.

·         Due to legal requirements, we are unable to transfer automatic e-mail notifications. If parents previously setup low balance email alerts in MyNutrikids.com, they will need to set those up on mySchoolBucks.

·   To add an adult (staff) account use A_id number

Additional Resources:

·         View the LearnmySchoolBucks.com training website.

2604 AVENUE E | HONDO, TX 78861 | 830.426.3027