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Health & Wellness

The health and well-being of our students remains a priority. We believe our contribution of healthy meals enable students to make good food choices and achieve academic success.

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Snack Smart. Snack Healthy.

The Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act required the USDA to establish nutrition standards all foods and beverages sold to students outside of the National School Lunch Program and School Breakfast Program meals on the school campus  during the school day. 


USDA’s interim final rule “Nutrition Standards for All Foods Sold in School,” is effective July 1, 2014.  These science-based nutrition standards promote a healthy school environment and apply to all foods sold, such as:

  • A la carte cafeteria sales

  • School stores

  • Snack bars

  • Vending machines

  • Fundraisers

The Texas Department of Agriculture has resources to aid schools in providing healthy snack options for all Texas students.


Food Items At Hondo ISD Schools 

Food & Nutrition Services has had a long history of creating a “Nutritious Environment” for student learning. In fact, our Menus meet or exceed Local, State and Federal Rules and Regulations. Food & Nutrition Services has made notable efforts in the area of “Snacks and A La Carte Lines”. In recent years, our program has restructured “All Serving Lines” to have fresh fruits and vegetables available to all students. Our efforts put more focus on a complete meal and less focus on large variety of “Snacks and A La Cart Offerings”. Students today are eating healthier than ever before. Our limited snack offerings meet Local, State and Federal Smart Snacks criteria. Please take the time and effort to research the New USDA Smart Snacks. Hondo ISD is in the process of updating Local Policies for all foods served or made available at school. These policies address Time, Place, Selling and of Giving of foods to students during the school day.

Once the policies have been updated links will be provided for you to:

Please review HISD Local Policies:  

  • HISD Elementary/Intermediate Schools
  • HISD Middle & High Schools
  • HISD Vending


Hondo ISD School Nutrition Policy

The following competitive food rules are in effect: 

Competitive Foods-- Any food item(s) sold on the school campus, during the school day, that is not part of the reimbursable school meal through SBP or NSLP.

School Campus-- All areas of the property under the jurisdiction of the school that ae accessible to students during the school day.

School Day--The period from the midnight before, to 30 minutes after the end of the official school day.


Compliance Steps For Selling Foods 


1.       Does your food item meet the Competitive Rule Requirements?

2.       Use the Smart Snacks Product Calculator.

3.       Verify, print and save calculator results for your records to ensure compliance.


Note: A campus may have more restrictive snack policies, but may not be less restrictive than local, state, and federal policies.


More information is available at the USDA website.


Fundraisers in Texas


Over the last few months TDA has analyzed the potential impacts of USDA’s Competitive Rule requirements in light of Texas Laws and the Texas Public School Nutrition Policy.

For the upcoming school year, SY 2016-2017, Hondo ISD schools will be allowed to have 3 exempt fundraisers as long as the fundraisers are preapproved.  

Food items may not be sold in competition with school meals or in the food service and dining area during meal service.

The following are additional examples of allowable fundraisers that may occur during the school day: 

  • Any non-food items
  • Any food items not meant for consumption on the school campus during the school day (e.g. cookie dough to be prepared at home)
  • Any food item sold after the end of the school day (e.g. 30 minutes after the end of instruction on campus)
  • Food items sold in concession stands after the end of the school day (e.g. 30 minutes after the end of instruction on campus)
  • Any food items that meet the federal Competitive rule requirements


Can parents bring cupcakes, cookies, cake, etc to celebrate their child's birthday?
Please check with the campus for their regulation on birthday celebrations.


Can a parent bring food for other students to consume during the school day?
No. A parent can only bring food and/or beverages for consumption by their child. A parent cannot bring any food item to another child even with parent permission. A parent can only provide food and/or beverage for their child.




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