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Special Dietary Needs or Food Allergies
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Exhibit B - Food Allergy/Disability Regarding Meal Substitutions or Modifications
FAQ Special Dietary Needs and Food Allergies

HISD Food & Nutrition Services would like to welcome everyone to a new school year!  We are proud to prepare and serve nutritious meals and will be encouraging healthy choices.  Our department is devoted to protecting and enhancing our students' health and is working with the District and community to curb childhood obesity and improve nutrition for our students. 

Our point of sale software program has been installed in the cafeterias to process meal purchases and provide alerts of special dietary needs.

Our records need to be updated yearly for students with special dietary needs. The diet order cannot be automatically renewed since dietary needs change as we grow and age. Some of the students in the district have disabilities, allergies, etc. and in most cases, students can be accommodated during meal service.  In this respect, the nature of disability, the reason the disability prevents the child from eating the regular school meal and the specific substitutions needed must be specified in a statement signed by a licensed physician.  It is important that Child Nutrition staff and parent(s) be involved at the outset in preparations of the student's entrance to school.

A medical statement must be on file in the Food & Nutrition Services office for any student with special dietary needs.  The medical statement we accept is:

EXHIBIT B Statement regarding Meal Substitutions or Modifications from the Hondo ISD Wellness and Health Services Care Plans Policy.

The forms are available from the school nurses office or the Food & Nutrition Services Manager at each of the districts campuses.  A recognized medical authority (physicians, physician assistants, and advanced practice nurses) along with the parent should complete this form for students with special dietary needs and return to the Food & Nutrition Services Department for notification.

The form must be resubmitted every school year to help us ensure that the students of HISD are receiving the correct special medical and nutritional needs.

 If you have any questions, please contact me.



Paul Segura

Hondo ISD

Director, Food & Nutrition Services


2604 AVENUE E | HONDO, TX 78861 | 830.426.3027